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If I’d Write the Day…One Hundred Eleven

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Time with precipice
Writing rhapsody
With unknown eyes
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quicksand feet
pulled by
read cuff
balloon arms

stretching eyes
traced charm
sketched love
etched dream

unfouled harm
felt stuffed
torn design

mile extreme
hitched ride
turned cup
reptile farm

This is a new form that I have played with…I am considering naming it Extremophile…here are the basics thus far:

series of four quatrains each with 2 word lines. The lines breakdown as the following: syllable count 3/2/2/3 rhyme: a/b/c/d ~ b/d/c/a ~ d/a/c/b ~ a/b/c/d

I recently watched a program about a biology surrounding life forms that call dwell and thrive in environmental extremes, known as extremophiles, as I observed it seemed profoundly clear that we humans could easily be considered in this category. These words followed.

A Face Like

He stood before me, a face like stone mason carving. I brought in his space and grazed my tongue along his cheek. Under each gentle pass of my affection, his stone melted into supple skin.

She stood before me, a face like ceramic painted mask. I brought in her space and kissed away her dark crimson lips. In our pressed greeting, her mask cracked into pieces leaving only tangerine blushing cheeks.

I stand before me, a face like all those whom I see. I bring in their space and caress each as unique. Under my umbrella arms, raining tears streak faces that melt into bone, revealing our commonality.

inspired by the prompt ‘a face like’ at typetrigger.com

Consumption of Identity

All souls stand on the same earthen crust
Each sharing a singular vein of blood

The consumption of this identity swallowed by fear
The verity of our commonality drowned in tears

Endless memorials of senseless tragedy
Imprison us in an incessant state of agony

This is the time when we unlock these binds
Letting go of the scripts that hinder our minds

Lock hands and honor the casualties of ignorance
Ending the decades of our indifference

As all the borders fall, hear the song of love call

Contributed to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics hosted by the talented Mark Kerstetter
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