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It is in…

It is in my pied eyed skies
that the perchance seems to hide

It is in the dance of the two footed jump
that impetuous leaves me scarred and bumped

It is in this spin that I take the biggest risk of all
and choose to watch patiently as love falls

It is in my lap resting as only an infant can
helpless to the gravity of this untreaded land

It is in these hands that I hold the all of you
watching as each of our petals start to bloom

Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub

The Story

My veins the guided pen,
pulsing blood the flowing ink.

Author of my currents,
carving epithelial hieroglyphics.

The biography of my biology written,
editor of each my uniquely told prints.

Pressed in bound intentions,
rewriting the story as I see.

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