Hyper-Thrice Form by C Rose

Hyper-Thrice is a variation on Thrice Form that I came up with in 05/2011. The format is as follows:

All Tercets, minimum of three, no maximum, when adding must always be in threes.
Syllable: 3,6,9 9,6,3
Rhyme: R,a,b b,a,R
In this form the rhyme and syllable layout is strict

Feel free to give it a try. If you do please let me know so I can share and if you don’t mind mentioning the form and creator that is appreciated as well.

Here is an example of a Hyper-Thrice Form Poem by C Rose

Waiting Line

Waiting line
Dust grows, abiding state
Phones have changed so much since you last called

I’ve kept them all, they stare so appalled
That I believe in fate
Waiting line

Waiting line
Still at the starting gate
For your call, your love, I would have crawled

So tell me dear, when did our love stall?
How did it turn to hate?
Waiting line

Waiting line
I sit and dissipate
Postcards from friends mark my lonely fall

Maybe in the next life you will call
And give it to me straight
Waiting line

Poets who have honored this form in their words:

Tino’s Teasings- The Look

10 Responses to Hyper-Thrice Form by C Rose

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  7. Tino says:

    Well, I said I would, so I did. I hope this does your form justice,


    Please let me know what you think ok.

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