I have all this love to give
but no one quite wants it

I keep having these brief moments
when it looks like I’m about to live
but I find myself stuck in a sonnet

Lost in refrained give less takes and tears
dollop of me here, droplet over there
my margined heart spread everywhere

Then finally I melt across the landscape
and disappear into love’s waste

At the bottom of this pile of muck
reduced to the beat of my organic pulse
the evolution of my soul’s trust

Grown from the fibrous threads of pain
an inherent wisdom of its eventual gain
the truth that I could once walk again

By stepping along these lines of light
that guide the way to my purest right

19 thoughts on “About”

  1. some great images in this…finding oneself stuck in a sonnet..melting across the landscape
    and disappearing into love’s waste…but hey…usually there are lots of people who are happy to receive some love…often it’s in the small things…ya know…smiles

  2. whew def emotive….caught in a sonnet…the repetition…i like…the bits of you smeared everywhere…i like the hope in the end of this as well…you know the way out…and i hope it finds you as you find it…

  3. I want it! *hugs*

    Loved this piece, as usual Rosie… <3 hearing it helped it along as well :)

    I loved the image of being trapped in a sonnet and I love the hope of walking again – sad but hopeful piece! Great job…

  4. an, the voice returns . . . i love how “wants it” comes around to “sonnet.” that’s a strong “quite” in there– “no one quite wants it”. so close. always a pleasure to read and hear your work. such strong command of the words.

  5. On the money…….as always. I enjoy listening to authors read their own work as it tends to come across as it was meant rather than how I try to interpret.

  6. Wow, I could live with your words. Excellent, touching piece of heart on paper. too many great lines to note. Love your recording. It fit your words perfectly. I pray a true smile for you!

  7. Rose…the reading…just wonderful! Would love to have the confidence I hear in your voice as you read your work. As fantastic as always…and then some!

  8. Stuck in your sonnet, the Universe…which loves to accept your love, seeks it even. And gives of itself, often more than…in this poem, you HAVE touched the Universe (Uni-Verse!) of poetry’s intentions–meanings, desires, goals.

  9. This is one of those poems that appears effortless and artless in the reading but is drawn from the darkest moments and hardest insights and loneliest nights we have, or so it seems to me. Your last couplet has your signature positive and strong force, but I’m so struck by the line ‘grown from the fibrous threads of pain…’ and perhaps stronger and more real for it. A lovely, painful piece, rose.

  10. That lovely voice of yours, Rose…enhancing this moving, poignant piece. “a dollop of me here, a droplet over there” beautiful…as is the entire poem. Brava!

  11. Personal, emotive, introspective, really enjoyed the flowing form and lyricism…gave this piece some unique shapes and made it a pleasure to read

    I have all this love to give
    but no one quite wants it

    these first two lines just nailed it

  12. Thank you my friends for your kind words and comments about this piece…it ends on a note of hope as do I each day. As I am sure for you, for me poetry is such a beautiful method of purge to just clear it all out…and that I surely needed. Always appreciate you for your visits to my words, all my love my friends! ~ Rose

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