The Give

I let go
to this pen and ink
all my heart spoken dreams

I create and know
without a doubt
the truth delivered to me in your shroud

There you sit
and cry for the we
here I cry awaiting what comes to me

How selfish we walk
even in honesty
how easy we fall from our eternally

I let go to
the give and give
a go to the live that we co-create

I give this to you
in your native tongue
so maybe you’ll finally hear me

When I say
your times dreams will come


Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub
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22 thoughts on “The Give”

  1. nice…love it…enjoyed listening to you as well…love the quick rhyme in…

    I let go to
    the give and give
    a go to the live that we co-create

    and nice to be reminded as well that our times dreams will come…smiles.

  2. This has a sweet, almost otherwordly quality to it, a little leaven of sadness underneath… ‘heart spoken dreams’ is exceptionally apt, and though I have a hard time with the spoken word(visual all the way) your reading added to the piece a lot with the dimension of rhythm.

  3. Loved it as usual, Rosie … hearing your voice was so heavenly :D

    Loved the lines:
    I let go to
    the give and give
    a go to the live that we co-create

    all in all a great write :)

  4. great to hear your voice. great to listen to a poem. great to listen to a great poem. With lines like, “how easy we fall from our eternally” your confident voice is much different from my first read through of the poem. I’m glad I read it (twice) before I listened to it to appreciate your vocal “version” and to appreciate what I picked up from listening and the differences from my reading to your reading. Your reading is almost like an interpretation of the poem. And I suppose each reader’s reading is an interpretation as well. Great stuff, this poetry!

  5. My thanks for the kind words, I enjoy getting a spoken word done from time to time. This was actually a piece that came straight from a meditative writing and I knew once the pen had stopped it was to be read. Glad it speaks, my best and gratitude to you all for the visit! ~ Rose

  6. Yes! Your read gave this poem the added rhythm it deserves…I could almost dance to it. I loved the lines “I let go to the give and give a go to the live that we co-create” Your work never stops in its originality and beauty.

  7. It’s all about faith and trust, isn’t it?

    Your poem, a simple reminder necessary because we so quickly forget, lose our way. It seems written with a gentle hand, a tender heart.

    I like this poem. I like it a lot.


  8. i especially like ‘your times dreams will come.’ it’s a good play on the cliche and it really works well. ‘i cry awaiting what comes to me’ is another wonderful line. great write and good to see you again:) you have quite an engaging voice. the cadence of this graph was incredibly fun: ‘ let go to/ the give and give/ a go to the live that we co-create.’

  9. Curious, this…a very expansive poem in its wording, seeming as it does to encompass the human at large I’d say, the I’s and you’s seeming less to me like individual addresses, and more societal in heart. We certainly could all use the hope, the faith, and the comfort resonating in this, to be sure…

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